I moved to New York from Venezuela to start a design company in 2014. Inspired by the vibrancy of my new surroundings, my interest in visual expression began to permeate my looks. Applying the same techniques of my studio practice to my wardrobe, I began experimenting with different textures and styles to find an outfit that was as expressive as it was functional. Eventually, looking good meant looking like myself. 

As my interest in fashion continued to grow, I started paying attention to what other men were wearing. I noticed that many Japanese men I knew or saw on the street dressed with a sense of care, which exceeded that taken by other men. I loved their restrained palettes, subtle color accents and they way they blended minimalism with functionality without compromising style. In a sense, they became my style icons and the genesis of Man From Japan.

Im into men dressing to look and feel good. MFJ is about men doing more with fashion, whose attire says something about themselves and the world around them. It’s about the details–a celebration of every man who’s not afraid to care about or own the way they look.